Elektron Octatrack Master Reference

We have made a nice reference for the lovely Elektron Octatrack. 

View it by clicking here:

Modular Synthesizer Power Supplies and Distribution: A Thorough Introduction

This topic comes up for any modular owner at least once.  But for many, power woes pop up again requiring expensive replacements or a full redo of their case power.  But worst of all is nasty bleed, crosstalk, noise, and other non-musical interjections that interrupt the creative process along the way.  Fortunately, all of this can be mitigated or completely avoided by following some basic knowledge and...

Low-Loss Distribution Board (LLDB) Noise Tests

Low-Loss Distribution Board (LLDB) Noise Tests

We did some noise testing on our Low Loss Distribution Boards.  

We've created some high performance distribution boards for Eurorack which feature 5x 1/16" thick copper bars that run the full length of the boards.  We feel we've struck the perfect balance of portability/compactness and performance.  We are also solving the power cable issue in Euro with these as well.  They host...