Become a Patron of Rabid Elephant!

We are big fans of the patron concept.  It makes sense for us because much of what we do is not sustainable in a normal business-for-money sense and it's not just widgets for sale we are interested in exploring.  We do lots of things and we see RE as a collective.  RE includes musicians, engineers, artists, programmers, and designers and for each of the people in these areas, profitability is never the main goal.  It is a reality, however, that money is needed for us to be able to do the work we do.

The first benefit is that you are supporting us.  That should be the main reason you become a patron of RE.  Your support let's us do more and in a more free way.

Other benefits include updates on what we're up to behind the scenes via a special mailing list for patrons.  We also give patrons priority position in any shipping queues and for *very* limited stock or runs, first dibs on getting a unit over the public. 

To become a patron, simply choose a supporter plan below and proceed to payment!  We have both monthly and yearly options and support can be cancelled at any time.  If you would like to support beyond what is listed below, please Contact Us.