NSX Gate Expander
NSX Gate Expander

NSX Gate Expander

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IMPORTANT!  This is a prepaid preorder for the NSX Gate Expander.  Wait times may be up to 14 mo from order date!  If you do not agree to this or are not willing to wait, DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER.  There are no refunds until this 14 mo window has expired!  Preorders with Rabid Elephant are paid in full, up front.  This secures you a unit.


Quick Specs

  • Connects to NEXUS SEQ sequencer
  • Additional power draw from NEXUS SEQ ~ 8 ma

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Currently we are only accepting prepaid preorders for the NSX Gate Expander.  Wait times may be up to 14 mo!

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The NSX Gate Expander opens up provisions for jammable rests, gate length, note repeat, and VeloGates (gates with variable amplitude) as well as typical keyboard on/off style gate outputs to NEXUS SEQ.  It's quite a good partner!

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  • 4 gate outputs to NEXUS SEQ
  • 2 are fully featured capable of rests, note repeat, and gate length
  • 2 are keyboard-style gate outputs that send gate high when keys are pressed