Sales & Our Business


Our synthesizers are available direct from us (just click on  OUR INSTRUMENTS) and from the following select retailers:

In the UK:

In the EU:

In the US:

We are currently limiting retail for our modules in order to balance pricing as our modules are relatively expensive to manufacture due to the quality standards we want to operate under if we are to make 'lots' of widgets.

If you have sales inquiries, please contact us

RE as a Business

In regards to how we run our business: we will not let money affect how we create.  It is and never was about making a bunch of money.  This ensures everything we do is low-pressure and stress-free.  If it isn't, then the things we create are sacrificed and then we do not see a point, really, to do this at all. 

For widgets, there is already much stress in making larger quantities of things.  So we have people do it that are no-nonsense and as rigorous as we are.  This costs more but what we get is higher quality, less of our time repairing units, and most importantly, the mental space knowing that manufacturing is being done to our standards.  We've set up a artist-patron relationship for above and beyond support from folks that see this vision as valuable.