Sequencer Update: March 22, 2019

Well, we're still in early phases here but have started initial panel layout to see what hardware will work and how big it'll be.  It'll be quite large by Euro standards these days - around 56HP - so start making some room!  Because this is a WYSIWYG sequencer in terms of the front-end 'make sequences' part, the size is easily warranted.  The only way to make it smaller is to have hidden menus, stateless switches, and only LED feedback, which we have thought very hard about and it starts to ruin the point of the machine - which is to retain liteness and fun during the creative process.  On a practical note, the size is also justified because we've decided to incorporate the formerly separate expander module into the main sequencer and offer it all together.  It makes more sense this way, esp. with the addition of this final building block that was sorted out a month or so ago.

This final building block is so exciting for us because it solves a major limitation of WYSIWYG machines as well as adding a very powerful creative workflow that will take your sequences much farther into completed lines and even full songs.  And this addition is also WYSIWYG and playable.  We can't wait for this feature to be finished and to get a playable prototype running.  We'll announce this closer to the completion of the machine as a bit of a fun surprise :D

Have fun!

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