The Future of RE Modular Power Cables

Please note that we are changing our power cable system to a more Euro-users-friendly solution for all future Euro modules we manufacture.  The reason is that the 'adapter' cable we currently supply is still not the optimal or complete solution (one end is still a normal Euro connector with all the associated issues of the standard), and thus still a compromise.  The distribution board we have been testing is the remaining component (which uses the right connector on *both* ends) but we have not yet been able to find a way to manufacture this assembly for a reasonable enough cost which keeps us stuck in this purgatory.

We also don't feel great about the stress our custom cable system adds or simply not wanted by most of our users causing a waste of time/money/resources.  Until we have a complete and full solution, there isn't a strong enough case to continue use of the custom adapter cable as the default option.  On all of our modules, the footprints, geometries, and clearances we've chosen allows use of either connector so changing it at a later date is possible and a relatively easy custom job.

The cable and connectors we choose will still be keyed and high-grade with proper platings from reputable connector manufacturers.

And as always, there will be no incompatibility issues regardless of the module version and we will keep stock of the RE custom adapter cables for posterity.

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