Portal Updates - Post Superbooth 2019


The drum module is about 90% the way there. The prototype many tried at Superbooth will get several changes.  It is only till recently that we have put the CV inputs through the ringer and we are coming up with some very interesting uses of the module beyond doing only kicks.  We are getting really good toms and other perc sounds when FM'd with another VCO so this is now something we want to keep in mind to get the last 10% ;)    We do think the prototype is a little bit too constrained and some of the controls do have quite a bit more milk to provide without sacrificing settability.

We spent a lot of time at SchneidersLaden after SB trying all of the drum modules they had.  BLD, Entity, Noir, Erica stuffs, Hex, and so on.  It's the case that we work in a sort of isolated fashion, which is nice because it results in less bias.  And I think we've achieved the benefits of isolation in terms of what this module sounds like.  The biggest thing I noticed was how much of a sound design module it is.  A good character is surely also there, which I'm always paying attention to - especially for a module like this where the main point was not to do another 808 or 909 style thing but something new.  I also think some of the ranging is very good.  When compared to the other drum modules, much more constrained (some modules go way too far at the cost of being able to find the right spots).  These experiences give me a few ideas to further push this module.  But I would never give a knob a range that was too hard to dial in as kick drums, esp. with all of these tweaks does require some hand in subtlety to 'tune' it into a mix properly as opposed to having to do it in post (which was another design requirement going in).

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