Portal Kick Panel Teasers & Update

I'm still working on this one.  It's always slow going and a ton of work to take a prototype to a solid manufacturable module but that's how it's done and done right!  No pressure - slow, steady, n solid.  The breadboarded prototype (it fills 2 giant breadboards) is working perfectly.  Working on variability, tolerancing, and calibration edits for the production board.  I have a first SMD pass finished and should run another prototype assy in a month or so.  In the meantime, how about some panel shots?

Click n Tick.  Just say those words aloud.


And of course the lovely Portal


We've started adding this DynaGate concept (name may change) to our modules so you can affect lots of relevant parameters with just a variable height gate signal.  And built-in S&H IPs are essential for certain types of percussion moves.  Let's make life easy!  We wanted to add lots of nice features we'd always need yet would need to buy and fit a few extra modules in the rig... instead we put em right onboard.

We will post some music featuring this module in the time to come!  We're super excited to finally start putting out some music!

Have fun and keep posted!  Consider becoming a patron of RE if you like what we're doing and want to support us further!

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