Portal Drum/NG Manufacturing Status Updates: October 4, 2022

Well, there is light at the end of this dark tunnel that is electronics manufacturing in the current climate!

Portal Drum electronics assemblies are going to start running this fall (which is actually still on track from the last update here, surprisingly enough).  Currently the only unknown dates are in regards to the custom knobs we need for the dual-concentrics.  Final assy, cal, and test (the stuff I do in-house) will all take some time due to the complexity of PD but orders (pre-orders first) will start shipping as they are completed.

Natural Gates are coming after - the CM is overloaded with time spent - you guessed it - sourcing parts for pretty much every build.  I did procure some parts shared with PD that had exceptionally long lead times so that should help.

Thanks again for your patience.  It's a bit of a rough time to be in this business but we're holding strong and a large part of that comes from you - the customers and patrons who believe in us.


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