Portal Drum Manufacturing Status Updates: March 3, 2023

Hey all!

Portal Drum status is waiting on parts that got pushed out.  In more detail, this is mostly TI precision op amp parts where we have limited options in alternate parts.  TI had purchased up many other chip manufacturers (National Semi, Burr Brown, etc.) a while ago and so much of the good stuff is with them and their manufacturing.  An OPA2196 shipment just arrived this week so that's here.  The TL0xx parts had also been pushed out but now have all we need and the suitable alts ordered since a new wave of stock hit distributors.  We have a custom pot order that's been on order for some time and are trying to expedite with the factory for sooner shipment.  I should have some more details in terms of dates there soon and will let people know.  For these, there are no off the shelf options due to the limited use of dual concentric potentiometers out in the world and the fact that they have to fit particular knob geometries.

For those that have preordered with us and have had to wait 'extra', we are coming up with a special thanks that should make people a bit happier for having endured through this with us.  We'll reach out to these special supporters individually when modules start shipping.

We will be also closing up the preorders soon since it's about that time for the larger runs of the electronics assemblies.  While we wait on the bulk order of pots and knobs we will still have sub assemblies, which can be tested, prepped, and calibrated which will make shipping out units go faster once everything arrives.

Another lil tidbit to help folks tide over the wait times:

We added a high density expansion header on the board which would allow for expanding out all sorts of other CV targets and circuit paths inside the module.  If there's enough interest, we will produce the module in-house and if not, we will release applicable designs for the DIY community to have at it.

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