Portal Drum Manufacturing Status Updates: August 2, 2023

Hello folks!

We're coming down to the final stages before Portal Drums finally begin shipping!

In the meantime pots are finished up (soldering ~10000 leads in total :o), panels prepped and inspected, and tweaking/finalising the calibration routines.

We are still waiting on the knobs... several months back we had some issues with our original plan to use Selcos but have since moved to Rogan parts, which, to be honest, I am preferring.  They match the Natural Gate rubberised knobs and are much easier to read.  We have samples for these and approved changes to the molds (no stock parts would mate to the pots we use).  If there are any other manufacturers who would like to use dual concentrics, let me know, I can send my configured part number and link you up with Rogan for suitable knobs to fit em!  I spoke with Rogan yesterday and they anticipate only a couple more weeks before the production knobs come in.

It's been a long journey - a bit too long for us, and I'm sure for those who've been very patiently waiting with us.  It's been a lot of work finding alternate parts and avoiding brokers, which, if we were to purchase from at their ridiculous prices would have simply given them more buying power to exploit manufacturers even further in this 'parts drought.'  The positive news is that future runs will not take anywhere near this long and parts are becoming more and more available.

As always, thanks for your patience; it wont be much longer now.  This module is definitely worth the wait.  Pretty proud of how this one came out :D. And yes, Natural Gates are coming too but will send out a few waves of Portal Drums first.

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