Portal Drum Eurorack Module Progress - March 23, 2020

Hello folks!

We've finished up the Portal Drum euro module!  3 years of work to an end.  The module has gotten a lot of updates since the version we showed at Superbooth last year and the changes have been finalised.  We've done a lot and it is a large improvement over the Superbooth '19 unit.  We've consolidated the transients section to be easier to use and developed a new, better tracking VCO with a stable consistent-polarity sync.  We are very happy with it and so we will probably use this VCO core in some other machines we're working on :). We've added a MEOW control, both portal and saturation wave distortion modes, as well as a complete overhaul of the gap filter (EQ).  Another big change was the addition of a microprocessor to manage all 10x (!) pulse trains the module needs.  We were formerly doing this with analogue circuits but these were a bit too finicky and not accurate enough for the few microsecond resolution we required.  It also saves a ton of parts and board real-estate which became a major issue as we began layout and found space to be at a premium.  Speaking of which, the module is set at 20HP.  We thought very hard about the increase from 14HP and we are very comfortable with the extra finger space and removal of all tiny shaft 'trimmer' pots.

Manufacturing status: right now I have a pile of parts, PCBs, and stencils for it ready to go but I am waiting on a few custom parts to arrive before completing the pre-production prototype.  Once this is done, we'll start the production process up, make some videos, finish up the manual, and likely open up pre-orders for the module.  I want to get this module out before the end of the year.

In other news, this module has been the basis of the analogue section for the standalone groovebox we've been developing.  This guy is going to be really fun.

Thanks and stay positive and healthy!

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