New Centralised Website/Nexus coming soon!

We have been working behind the scenes at making this site a central hub for all things RE.  For you and for us!  We want more media and content to be here, in one place and organised in a way we find nice.  And we want more engagement with our supporters as well.  Here's what we're shooting for:

Patron supporter subscription options

For special access to various content and instruments.  This will be through this site's user accounts which you may already have!  For patrons this special content and access will appear automatically!  We want to show our generosity to the patrons who support our collective - the people and our process - and not just our specific output.  So patrons: just a little more patience!

Improved Blog/Content, navigation, and interaction with users. 

We are working to fix the shortcomings to the traditional blog to the point we are happy using it.  We've already upgraded our commenting system (try it!) and will be spending more time engaging with y'all in that method - to have documented dialogues with us and others.  We are also making some custom pages that will make searching posts and finding content a breeze regardless of the post's date.

Hosting various types of artistic output...  

Music, Podcasts, and anything else we put our heads to.  RE is a collective to us.  While synthesizers were the reason for the start of the RE site, it was not our intent to keep it limited to only instruments.  We want to house things like how we design instruments, our music, our food - all of these things are inherently 'Rabid Elephant' because the novelty in RE is actually the process and the way the people who make up RE think and work.  It's people exploring what it means to be honest and producing output in this mindset.  So this will not at all just be a place for buying 'stuff.'  It will be a place for contributions, learning, sharing, and hopefully motivating you to do the same in your own special way!

    So!  Stay tuned and start getting into the habit of checking back over the next few weeks if this sounds like something you're down for.  We'll be ditching our Patreon site at some point and will be putting much more content, news, and media directly here.

    with love, The Rabid Elephant Team


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