Natural Gate Manufacturing Status Update: June 16th, 2019

Hello folks!

I have some dates from the CM and I'm booking flights to oversee production (which has already started).  SMT has already begun and likely completed by the time this is posted.

Calibration and Final Testing/QC is currently scheduled for July 15-17th 2019.  For these phases, I will be preset to train, perform, and oversee the work.

I would allow a week or 2 buffer before units begin to ship and they will all ship together plus/minus a few days so no need to worry about order.

We will also be starting another batch soon so if you miss out on the units we made in this batch, we will open up a pre-order window again to guarantee yourself a unit if you haven't already.  We anticipate pre-order window to be opening sometime at the end of July/beginning August and will keep it open for a month or 2.

We do think after this batch, we will have some semblance of stable stock so that folks wont have to wait so long!

Thanks and here I come USA!

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