Natural Gate Manufacturing Status Update: July 2nd, 2019

OK!  Tomorrow is my flight back to the USA to oversee and train for the new batch of Natural Gates with our new manufacturer!  So long as there are no setbacks, we should be shipping Natural Gates out this month!

Currently, the batch quantity is divided up into:

  • Reserved pre-order units
  • Units going to: SchneidersLaden and Signal Sounds (each got a bunch!)
  • Units I will sell direct on this site.

We have made as many units as possible on this run but if you do miss out, the easiest way to guarantee a module is with a pre-order.  And check with the 2 retailers above - I hear some of them have lists they hold for their stock.

This manufacturer has been very good to work with and very 'clean' in terms of how they organise, schedule, and perform their work.  All of the transitioning from my previous manufacturer is finished and future batches will come much sooner than the lead times on this batch.  So improvements all around!  We will be firing off the next run of NGs soon (anticipated July/August).

I feel with the addition of a method to always secure a widget in advance (pre-orders), shorter overall lead times, and our ability to make 'lots' of units now will give us (and you!) some reasonable form of stability and a few options when trying to grab one of our things.


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