Natural Gate Manufacturing Status Update: April 20th, 2019

Hello folks!

We're on the homestretch here!  The NG batch should be hitting the lines soon.  We're anticipating summer (of 2019 haha).  All the 'extra' parts (front panels, etc. assy hardware, boxes, new cables) are rolling in within the next few weeks.

Some cool things we've updated!

  • New product boxes now with die-cut ESD foam (I used to hand cut all of the foam, which is kind of a pain after box 20 or so :D.  I'm also thankful I wont have to breathe these fumes or spend days cutting!)
  • New power cable design with keyed 16p header on the non-RE end (so that those with shrouded headers can plug the connector in without error!)
  • Minor part updates to the BOM to expand usage of high-reliability soft-term MLCCs now for any MLCC over 0603 size.

So summer time should be the re-season of some more Natural Gates!

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