Natural Gate (and other module) Manufacturing Status Updates: June 30, 2020

Heyo!  Ya, we're prob due for another update! I'll pop one on the website with more detail but here's a version of what's going on:

I'm back in the USA now.  Natural Gate stuff: We had some customs issues with our front panels - foreign customs has been very stringent lately - even with the same processes we've used before without issue... so I'll get that sorted when they arrive - I anticipate the box back in the USA in a few days. Then another few to get em resent back over and maybe a week or 2 to get them cut and sent back.  I'm arranging the build stations for the final assy, cal, test, packing, etc.  The PCBA (the electronics-only portion) are all finished with the CM and I plan to grab them next week and start working on them.  Normally we do the last few steps with the front panels installed but I think I have enough dummy panels from all of the rejects we've had over the years that will suffice in the interim. So I can get rolling there.  Due to all of the delays and this virus stuff, it's an ASAP situation so they'll get finished soon as they can.

Other Module Stuff

After these are all out, we'll be right on the Portal Drum. I've got a really nice working pre-production prototype here with me that I was able to finish before I had to break everything down in der Schweiz.  The panel artwork for that is finished and so once we get some of the final panels back, we can show it to folks and make some videos and open up pre-orders for that guy.  The Portal Drum is sick.  And while my accountant may not agree, I'm glad we waited 3 years for its development haha!

We're all alive and well and things are moving forward.  We've also been finalising an RE utility module and have some core components of our LIFE VCO/voice module finished, too!  Our groovebox is going to go as well but we're still doing the search for solid developers.

Have fun and stay safe!

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