Looking for help: Assemblers and Production Manager

Hello good people!  Rabid Elephant is looking for some people to hire.


I am looking for highly focused, somewhat careful (and kind!) people around the S NJ/Philly area to help assemble our future runs. It's rather simple part-time work but requires attention to detail and someone good with their hands. 

Contact us if you are interested with some background about yourself.

Production Manager

The one-man show is starting to get a bit long in the tooth, let's say :). Longer term, I am looking to find a production manager - someone to take over my manufacturing roles. By the time our groovebox is out, I'd be doing manufacturing work full-time and will have little to no creative time, which is a no-go for me and will stunt the creative growth of our venture here. We're not in a big rush to find this person but we are starting early in our search.  For this role, I need a particularly solid, rigorous person with a good vibe.  Skill-wise, someone good with the ability to schedule runs, align up all of the logistics for manufacture, work with and help assemble, test, calibrate, inspect, and ship units.  The scope of the role could be more than this if you have engineering or other technical skills.   This would start as a part-time position and can blossom into a full-time role.

Contact us if you are interested with some background about yourself.

The job currently would be centred about the Philly/S Jersey area, however we are not particularly tied to any area and have longer term plans to open up a manufacturing branch in Berlin.  Thanks and looking forward to hearing from some cool cats!

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