Instrument Design Journey: Natural Gate, Part 5 - Memories of Closure

Natural Gate had an interesting effect that was exaggerated by its very long ringouts and lack of EG ‘reset’ which some EGs build-in.  Our beta tester asked about whether NG had a similar effect as with certain vactrol LPGs, calling it ‘memory.’ In certain settings, NG was quite good at this effect - mostly due to how long the final decay portion of the EG rings out - even a bit away - probably even silent, there is still some EG decaying :D.  When you fire the gate repeatedly, these small amplitudes begin to build to the point you can hear the additions to the initial onset of the current event.  I liked this nicety so much that I spent some additional time pronouncing it as much as I thought appropriate for ‘natural things.’ The memory is probably one of my favourite things about NG.  It takes just a static, very natural kind of sound and makes it dynamically natural as well.  But it’s automatic.  Today we use NG's CTRL input and DynaGate triggers for even more control over dynamics which would normally take a few extra modules to simulate.

In regards to the remainder of Natural Gate’s design… well the rest is just boring stuff to turn it into a module :)  Hahaha!

But without that moment of liteness, where there was no pressure, anxiety, frustration, negativity, etc. I could not have been vulnerable enough to let my heart do its thing in an open way. I suspect the solution was there all along, I just couldn’t see or even feel it.  As I mentioned earlier, this ended up turning into a philosophy by which we began to operate - to be as vulnerable as possible while creating - to be lite.  And this has been a very laborious effort for us - to untrain ourselves from being a slave to the things that were/are deeply ingrained and prohibiting us from being vulnerable.  If this part interests you, read all throughout our content pages - it’s everywhere and in anything we do - we make sure of that. Especially keep an eye out when we post the In the Light Journey as well as the Life Content area for more focused discussions on Liteness.

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